How to create a Strategy on Tradetron? All Resources Explained:

This thread will contain all resources available to you to create your own strategy on Tradetron.

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  1. First and Foremost: Our Keyword Documentation:

This link has all the active keywords that you can use to create your strategy. Examples have also been included.

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  1. Let us share link to our Youtube Channel, where we have uploaded Full Strategy creation video Tutorials as well as all important videos related to different keywords and strategies, all at one place. I am hopeful it will help you clear the doubts. Also, our support will surely assist you in case you have some doubts.

Tradetron Youtube Channel Link:

Tradetron Strategy Creation Video Playlists:

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Position Keyword:

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PNL, Target, Stoploss Related Keywords:

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Positions Detail Keyword: To Restrict number of entries

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“Traded Instrument”, “Traded Instrument Name” and “Net Quantity” Keywords: Different Examples of its Uses

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Week Day Keyword:

“Expiry” Related Keywords: Different Examples of its Uses

“Days Difference” Keyword: Different Examples of its Uses

“Expiry” Fx in Position Builder: Different Examples of its uses

“Qty” Fx (Quantity Formula) in Position Builder: Different Examples of its uses

“Time” Keyword: Different examples of its uses

“Strike” Fx in Position Builder: Different Examples of its uses

How to Select Strike based on Spot Index? Also OTM and ITM strikes based on Spot Index?

How to add a new ‘Set’ while creating a strategy on Tradetron?

How to check Notification Logs in Tradetron

Point 8: Strategy Templates: Utilize our ready-made ‘Strategy Templates’. You can duplicate them and modify the same as per your requirement to create your own strategies: 1

Also, please be aware of the following:
Python Code Section in Strategy Templates:

Please note that certain strategy templates have pre-written python code. This “Python Code Block” in “Advanced Settings” cannot be edited by clients or users. It is coded and implemented by authorized Quant Team of Tradetron. For any specific code change requirement, please email us at “[email protected]” and our quant team will look into it.

In case you would like to get your strategy coded from our Quant Team as per your specifications, you can fill the strategy details in the below form:

The process of Strategy Creation is as follows:

  1. First you will fill the below form with details of your strategy requirement.
  2. After that, our team will review your requirement and if the strategy can be created, we will send you a quote for strategy creation.
  3. You have to then make the payment for the strategy.
  4. Once the payment is made, our Strategy creator will connect with you over phone call and anydesk to remotely check charts and your strategy condition requirements.
  5. Our strategy creator will then create your strategy and will guide you completely about how the strategy will be deployed in your account.
  6. The time taken for strategy creation can range from one to two weeks depending upon the queue of strategy requests.

For Custom Strategy Creation:
Please fill in this strategy questionnaire at 1 and we will get back to you with a quote. Once approved, you can make the payment and we will proceed with building your strategy for you. You will receive a call to discuss your strategy parameters too once it has been reviewed. If the strategy cannot be created, you will be told upfront and either the payment will be refunded in full or we may not take the payment in the first place.

Charges of Custom Strategy:
Charges depend on the complexity of the strategy and hour required to make it. It will be informed to you as per the details provided in requirement

Note: Please note that the charges for strategy are refundable if the strategy cannot be created.