"Positions Detail" Keyword: Different Examples of its Uses

This thread will contain examples of different ways to use “Positions Detail” Keyword to restrict the number of entries in a strategy.


  1. It is used to limit the number of entries.
  2. It is applicable at “Strategy Level” and not at “Set” Level.

Positions Detail Keyword - Qty as 0, To take trade only once, Either Long or Short on Tradetron

Positions Detail Keyword - Value, List of Stocks

Positions Detail Keyword - Multiple Sets One for Buy, One for Sell, Or Multiple legs

Positions Detail Keyword - Qty greater than 0 - Only long positions Open

Positions Detail Keyword - Limit or Restrict trade On list of Stocks

Question: I want to take short sell entry only upto 10 times in Nifty 50 Option:


Question: What is ‘quantity’ & ‘count’ in positions detail, what is the difference?

Quantity will fetch the quantity. So, let’s say you go long in Nifty Futures in Entry, then it will fetch 50. If shorted then it will fetch -50.

For Positions Detail (Entry, Count) : It will check the number of times it took an entry.
Let’s say you go long on the Future, then book profit, then go long again, your Count will be 2.

The following example will do 2 things for the selected underlying of Nifty 50 stocks:

  1. It will take only one trade per stock.
  2. The overall value of the strategy will not exceed 50,000.


For the Positions Detail keyword with “Value” in return type, what will happen if one call is bought at 50 and one call is sold at 100. what will be returned in this case?
Also, will the value returned be the current total value of position or the value of position when the position was taken?