"Days Difference" Keyword: Different Examples of its Uses

This thread will contain examples of different ways to use “Days Difference” Keyword:

MCX strategy with Days Difference:

“Days Difference” Keyword : Select “Today” as Date 1, and “Current Month Expiry” as Date 2.


Then, Click on Today, to select Exchange:

Then, Click on Current Month Expiry, to select Instrument:


So, it will look like:

Finally, add the number of Days:


Regarding days difference , does it take into account all days or only trading days;


All calendar days

so on expiry days difference will be 0, Assuming 3/11/21 is the expiry,
on 02/11/21 it will be 1
01/ 11/21 it will be 2
31/10/2021 = 3
30/10/2021 = 4