"Qty" Fx (Quantity Formula) in Position Builder: Different Examples of its uses

In this thread we will discuss how we can use different formulas under “Qty Fx” (Quantity Formula) section of the Position Builder:

There does not seem to be any examples for this here. Can you please provide few? @Nelson

Will this give me total number of PE and CE active ?

I was trying to provide dynamic value using runtime variable. But, eventually, it ends up taking this “value” as “quantity”. For e.g. I want to buy 1,00,000 worth instruments. Instead, system buys 1,00,000 quantity :frowning:


What am I missing here? Plz guide. I change this dynamicValue occasionally (based on premium expiry date) and I don’t want to manually change these values everywhere. So, I created runtime variable and want to use it.

Please guide.

Thanks & Regards
Bhavesh Savla