General Broker Related Queries: Connection, Token Etc

In this thread we will discuss various common queries related to brokers and their integration with Tradetron

  1. Where do I find the Set Up Instructions to connect my broker with Tradetron?

Ans: All instructions are available in the link below for each broker. Also you can search for a specific broker on our Youtube Channel link also given below:



  1. How to generate a token?


  1. Are there any API Charges that the broker Charges for Algo Trading with Tradetron?


As per our understanding, only a couple of brokers charge monthly API related fees, all other brokers provide free API for Trading.
However, we advise you to connect with broker of your choice, to check with them if there are any charges. We cannot provide accurate information related to broker charges.

Question: Why am I getting the below “Margin” related message in “Notification Log” and resulting in Error-Execution of the Strategy?


Answer: This message is due to margin shortfall as required by your broker. You will see the same message in the order book of your broker terminal. Always, before taking any position, please confirm the margin requirement for a particular trading position with your broker and maintain sufficient balance to avoid the above error.

Kindly note the required margin for the position is decided by the broker as per SEBI’s margin requirements. The margin mentioned on strategy page can be notional. Kindly connect with the strategy creator, to know what type of positions the strategy takes. Accordingly, please confirm with your broker about the margin required to take those positions. Please always maintain higher margin than the required limit.

Question: Can I connect multiple brokers with Tradetron?


Kindly note that as per Tradetron policy, you can connect multiple broking accounts of different brokers with same tradetron account. However, you cannot connect multiple broking accounts of the same broker with same Tradetron account as only 1 unique token gets generated each day for a unique broking account with Tradetron.

For example, you can add 1 account from Alice Blue and 1 from Zerodha, but you cannot add 2 accounts from AliceBlue.

Does this mean
Only 1 strategy can be deployed for 1 trading broker account
multiple strategies (BN+Nifty+MCX) can be deployed in 1 trading broker account

So, You can deploy multiple strategies in 1 broking account. But cannot add multiple broking accounts of Same broking company in 1 Tradetron Account

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Solution: Client needs to update his Full Name instead of just initials in the profile section.

With the starter plan (1) Can I run the same strategy across multiple brokers? This will help me in not parking loads of money with one broker and also as a broker back-up in case some broker server fails. (2) Can I run two strategies - one with actual broker and another just paper trading? I see only ONE can be deployed under starter plan but I hope paper trade should be possible. I do not want to open fake accounts for running paper trading and paid accounts to execute the paper-trade-tested strategy. Once paper-trade-tested, the same should be deployed with real money from the same a/c so as to avoid any copy-paste etc errors. Thanks,