How to generate token?

Do all brokers need the token to be generated every day?? Please help how to do so ??


Some of the brokers require daily token generation. To generate the token, click on the link available besides your broker name in broker and exchanges section

Pls follow the image attached below for reference

Below image shows the new “Regenerate Token” key:

Once you click on the Regenerate Token Key, you should get a “Token generated successfully” message as shown in the image below:

Also, please note that, Token generation is a mandatory process for all brokers. We request users to manually generate the token each morning between 845 am to 915 am as sometimes the auto generation process may give issues if the server communication between Tradetron and Broker is not established. Hence its a standard and efficient process to generate the token manually each day in the morning for smooth functioning of trades and strategies.

i am not able to connect to angel broking i am getting totp error any help?