Why future price is being considered instead of spot in straddle execution

Why does bank nifty in NSE F&O take price of future instead of spot. Premiums are w.r.t to spot whether the option is ITM or OTM.

For example Bank nifty Spot at close to 9:20 am was around 34400 where as futures were trading at 34550

The straddle on spot should be 34400 CE and 34400 PE instead it shorted 34600CE and 34600 PE which caused huge premium mismatch.

Straddle by definition should be shorting options at the current spot.

Few days futures were trading at 300/400 points premium and the straddle were completely not delta neutral Example straddle should be executed at 25000 ( spot) instead randomly 25400 straddle is executed


@Ujjwal @vikram.bajaj please help

Yeah, could someone from Tradetron respond? Or is there a way to run a straddle considering the spot prices instead of the default future prices?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0KCTUO7d0I This video will help. It helps you to select strike as per spot

one more

This is still considering the Future price and not Spot price