Who can help on this? Very annoying

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Please go through the attachments. I have attached the following as jpegs.

Set 01 Entry, Set 01 Exit, Set 02 Entry, Set 02 Exit, Trade 01, Trade 02, Trade 03

The strategy took proper trades and either exited based on profit or stop loss condition. Everything went on well more or less till 03.08 pm. In the Trade 01, when the strategy took the 18000PE trade at 12.15 and closed it at 03.08pm, the problem started. Please see Trade 03 where the strategy traded 17950 CE at 03.08, from then on every minute it took a trade and closed it the next minute, followed by another trade and closing it on the next minute. Definitely I don’t feel this is some error on my part. If so the complete day the strategy should have taken trade every minute. Can you please seriously consider helping me if I was wrong anywhere.


Krishnan K

As per Tradetron documentation Leg TSL and Leg Exit works only for one Entry. It won’t work for repeat entry and startegy will go in loop

How we can add stop loss to each entry? in intraday strategy, majority multiple trades are taken during day with same entry rules specially for option buy strategy. Pls suggest a way so every entry can have stop loss and trailing stop loss to cap some profit.

One option : do universal exit as and when leg exit or leg TSL hits. Set reactivate strategy to 2 min. So that no repeat entry. Every time it will be new entry as strategy restarts

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BEST solution - universal exit , reactive after 2 min
use AND condition with tsl & exit - ltp > traded instrument + 4 ( your strategy has 4% tsl exit so )
ltp<traded instrument-7 point
so now tt check both condition , it helps in tsl better, in leg exit use ltp<traded instrument-7 point