Where all can we use leg TSL?

I have used leg TSL as part of exit under a set which works perfectly. But if I re-activate my strategy and lets say a trade is taken, then it ignores leg TSL under exit and I found out that it gets reset only after an universal exit.

  1. How do I trigger leg TSL without exiting using universal exit? My universal exit setup for 3:15 pm.
  2. Any other way to add trailing stop loss without using the features available under universal exit

Leg TSL can be used once in a counter. Either create multiple sets or trigger UE and Re-enter after two minutes which the minimum time for the re-entry.

@mankerajedra Are you sure. Leg TSL can be used once in a Counter or Once in a Set.
If we have multiple Repair Once with Leg TSL in single Set, will it work ?
@Nelson @Jovin