Wait And Trade Condition

Seniors pls help me on entry condition
Position - Option Trade By premium (strike FX)
Entry Condition -
Time => 10:00
Sell below 10% of given Time(10:00) price

Please go through below videos and links to learn about construction of different scenarios:

Thanks for your reply, pls guide me also on entry condition

HI @Nelson. Watched the above video, but still not able to understand how to create wait and trade entry condition as requested by @abhyuday. Can you please assist further on this?

Use key word CLOSE, LTP, TIME
if TIME >1000 &&
If LTP =< CLOSE (of last candle) *0.9


I am trying to create below WAIT & TRADE for straddle. Please guide how to make it.

  1. Strategy activates at 9.16AM.
  2. Select ATM strikes but dont enter. Whatever is ATM strike at 9.16am, has to be selected
  3. Once a leg’s premium reduces by 5% enter it

Ex: BNF spot opens at 39000.

Select 39000 CE and PE
Mkt rises… by 9.17am, PE falls by 5%. now enter 39000 PE
from 9.17am to 9.18am mkt falls… CE falls by 5%. now enter 39000 CE .