Trigger universal exit on set exit

I have two sets, one for bullish and the other for bearish condition. I square off based on the respective exit condition of the sets. But the strategy still remains in Live-entered state and can’t take further trades. This needs manual intervention to change it to active. It seems the strategy exits only when universal exit is triggered. How can I trigger universal exit when one of the set exit is triggered ? Is this even possible ?

I too face same issue. my exit condition on set exits is simple as I mentioned below and in my universal exit - in addition to checking the time, I also check whether there are any open positions in any of the sets, and exit them. I deployed my strategy into paper trading. And I had to manually exit the trades everyday, and it doesn’t happen automatically as per the conditions. Please let me know what’s wrong with it.

Set Exit Condition
( Time ( ‘NSE’ ) >= Number ( ‘1524’ ) )

You need to find way to put your exit condition in Universal exit condition so that when condition is satisfied whole strategy moves to Exit status and chose the option to reactivate e.g. after 2 mins if you want strategy to restart automatically.

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After an entry is exited through EXIT, the strategy is not taking next trades, just staying with a status LIVE-ENTERED. But when i tried the same with UNIVERSAL EXIT, the strategy will reactivate and get ready for next entry according to my Advanced settings option (Reactivate after 2 mint). What would be the reason…? or EXIT don’t have reactivation feature?

After set exit the conditions in entry have to be full filled again. Then only it will be re enter.

For example if my entry conditions in set entry are like this:

Positions Detail (ALL, ALL, ALL, NIFTY50, quantity) = 0
Some indicator condition here

And in exit condition I have SL or Target or Indicator reversal etc to take exit.

Then after taking exit Positions Detail become zero again which means this condition meets immediately. Then when the second condition of the indicator also meets again, the set will take entry again.

I have some such strategies working fine, taking entry without universal exit and reactivation.

I am giving below a link to a test strategy which shows set re-entry and Repair once trigger after set exit has taken place. It simply buys 1 lot of crude oil future in set entry buys 1 more lot in repair once and exits after 1 min. Then it immediately re-enters, repair once also triggers, and it exits again after 1 min and this keeps going on. Set 2 is dummy and will not be executed it is just created to allow to use set exit. Nevertheless if Set 2 is a real set it will also take re-entries just like set 1.
You can duplicate the strategy and try it paper trading, I have chosen MCX so that you can try any time till 11:00 PM. . Please inform once you have duplicated it so that I can remove the link share.

Hi @Sharad - I am also struggling with same issue. Which is that after exit, the strategy has to be manually re activated other wise its in live entered mode forever.

Can you please share a sample setup that could solve this issue. Thanks!

If taking universal exit after any of the set exits is OK for you then in Universal exit you can add in OR logic Traded Instrument Exit quantity > 0 if Set entries were short, as shown below.

Please note for Exit condition the leg number must be kept as “None” as shown above.

For Long entries, respective set exit condition above should have < 0.

(If you are familiar with Runtime variable, same can be achieved by setting a variable to 0 in Set entry Runtime variables and setting it to 1 in Set Exit Runtime variables and in UE you can simply add Get Runtime (variable name) = 1.)

But Sets do re-enter without taking Universal Exit. If you want sets to re-enter after meeting conditions without taking UE, please post a screen shot of your Set Entry conditions, so we can check what is stopping it to re-enter after set exit


Can you please point out which keyword/function to use to modify a runtime variable.

Check these videos for Runtime variables:

How to trigger a set exit post expiry? I want to let the positions expire. I do not want to close them at 3.29pm.

If set exit is not triggered then set reentry does not happen. But I want to let positions expire.

I can see a tradetron expiry exit happening at 4.15pm on expiry day. But set exit is not triggered and hence set reentry is also not getting triggered.

Hello Sharad ji,

I have been using similar logic that you have provided since the start and my strategy still goes into live - entered sometimes but not always. I am not able to figure the reason. It certainly works at times, but not always.

I have attached the first part of my condition, if you can share your thoughts. Rest of the condition is just the entry logic which doesn’t use any of the position related functions.