Tradetron execution is slow

Hi i have retail+ plan and my algorithm run on continuous check.
As per my strategy whenever a condition is satisfied (entry or exit) i see considerable latency in order execution, roughly around ~8 sec.
My strategy checks candles and indicator on 3 min interval
Broker: Zerodha

Sample screenshot

after check the notification logs found that actual latency is in condition checker
roughly around 5-6 sec

what is the frequency of continuous condition check? is it every second or more than that?
can anyone update this?

In RSI the Symbol keyword i am taking “All” in Max History Candles
can this cause delays in condition checking?

Tried keeping Max History Candles to 100 but still condition check took 5 sec

Can someone help me here?

and as per the FAQ

Number of condition check cycles in a minute for your strategy depends on complexity and the execution time for conditions in the strategy.

If 1 cycle of checking all conditions in a strategy takes 5 secs by trading engine then the conditions of strategy will be checked once every 5 secs.

Is my strategy condition check that complex that it will have 5 sec of execution time?
Condition info:

  1. RSI of ATM CE (3min interval) >= 60
  2. close of ATM CE (3min interval) > 20 EMA of close of ATM CE (3min interval)
  3. time >= 9:18
  4. today shouldnt be expiry day


hi, the average condition check time is 3-4 seconds, and depending on the broker it may take 5-20 seconds to execute,

Hope this helps.