Trade Nifty futures based on Nifty spot

hi - how to trade Nifty futures based on signals on Nifty spot…what is Nifty 50 spot name in Tradetron like for instance Nifty 50 indices in zerodha etc. …what is Nifty IDX ?

Select NSE_IDX for Spot & NFO fot Futures

Hi unfortunately still not clear.

Like in position builder I shall use NFO NIFTY 50 fine.

But in entry and exit condition in INSTRUMENT NAME

What we can use if IDX is only a list and not NIFTY 50 index.

I tried this. But when I select NSE_IDX in 1st dropdown, it didn’t gave me dropdown for 2nd selection…

is NFO ( NIFTY 50 ) a spot price ?

Another question. Futures( NIFTY 50 ) is this current month future contract ?

Use a condition like this to base your Entry/Exit conditions on spot.image

To trade futures, use something like this in Position Builder:

@AMIT and @AshishT Did it work i.e. it checks Nifty spot and takes trade on futures?

How do we specify current series of Nifty Futures? Is it like shown in image?

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