Take trades on day after expiry

Hi, I am trying to build a BN weekly positional strategy wherein I need to take trades on the day after expiry. I was able to use a crude way to do this using the “Week day” keyword and a hardcoded value for the weekly expiries
Screenshot 2023-10-31 at 11.10.42 AM

But as you might notice this fails for the monthly expiry as that doesn’t fall on a Wednesday and hence the strategy does not work on the last expiry of the month. I’d like to know if we can have a better and more reliable way to identify the day after an expiry

I have a workaround like below but still looks ugly, Please share if you have a better suggestion for this scenario. TIA

hi @karthik448 try using day difference keyword, check the documentation for more details.


I believe this should work. Let me know if you have found a different way.

This does not work. I have confirmed with Tradetron team as well that -1 in Current week or Current month keyword will not work. It is unsupported so have to find ugly alternatives but even then edge cases like holidays will cause issues. I hope we have a way for positional traders to find the first trading day of a week or month easily.

Yes but What I need is a -1 for the Nth value in Current week expiry which unfortunately is not supported.