Switch to Next Month Expiry

I want to shift my Whole Option Monthly trade to next month expiry if trade is generated on last expiry of the month.

all my trades are on monthly options, but on last week(if signal generated) i dont want to enter new trade, rather would like to shift to next month expiry

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I too looking solution for this

You can use sets here.

In set 1 entry keep using your normal condition for entry and its associated expiry date in positions.

In set 2, use Today == Current Month Expiry, and in the associated position builder set you expiry to current month expiry +1

Yes, this needs to be done with two sets as above reply.
It seems that you don’t want to enter in same month expiry in the last week of expiry, is this correct?
If yes then in Set 1 you need to add ADD Condition with “Days Difference (D2-D1) >= Number(7)” Where D1 will be Today(***) and D2 will be Monthly Expiry-ScripName-0 . And in this Set your positions will be to enter Current Month Expiry 0.

Then Copy same condition to Set 2 Entry and just change the above condition to "“Days Difference (D2-D1) < Number(7)”. And in this set you can enter positions of Current Month Expiry +1.

Now in all your other Repair Conditions if your are squaring off positions you need keep this in mind that while referring to the Expiry in the position building, you should not put Current Month Expiry or Current Month Expiry +1. The Fx for expiry should point to the entered instrument with “Traded Instrument Name” keyword and in it’s detail chose ‘expiry’ under Field, remaining details as applicable to point to the entered instrument that you want to square off.