Setting Stop Loss

If I want to set stop loss at 0.2% from entry price (Not Executed Price). How I can get this in code form on tradetron. Please take nifty futures as reference.

Thank you

I also have the same question which i am trying to figure out. But running around to find information even for simple things like this without any documentation puts me off from the subscription. I can not believe there is no help or documentation of any form.

@narsa and @dealer Is this resolved?

Not yet resolved… Can you help me out

Just after entry is done, use repair once condition and in position enter the SL order with the difference you wanted n the unfavourable side. it will be entered in live trade mode. It will get cancelled when the set exits. I have not been able to modify it or cancel it before exiting. It will not work well in paper trading as it triggers itself in paper trading mode. I don’t know how this bug is there in tradetron. Use traded insturment keyword in stop loss to get the entry price for setting SL.