Set 1 entry once in a day?

how to program

  1. only one entry of set 1 in a day
  2. only one entry of set 2 in a day
  3. means only 2 entries per day, 1 for set one & 1 for set two…only
    plz replay…

Use “Position Details”. You can restrict the entry count based on max entry position.


do this for both the sets with the time you want

MAX entry key word not Available Ji, in My First trade my trade Value is 100 % Second Trade Value is 50% and third Trade Value is 25% and i need Stop. this is my Logic. Once Set 1 target Completed Exit as per Universal Exit and Stop for 12 Hrs. and Set 2 will work with Position Detail ? Kindly reply ji

Position Detail considers values at strategy level. It considers values of all sets till universal exit happens.

Try this. I have assumed your entries are buy. If they are sell change B to S where applicable.
Don’t take universal exits. Take exit through Set exits for all sets except the last set. Universal Exit in last set only.

In Set 1 Entry conditions have condition Positions Details (Entry,B,All,quantity,undetlyingname) == 0

In Set 2 Entry conditions add following:
Positions Details (Entry,B,All,quantity,undetlyingname) = (number equal to total buy quantities in set 1)
Today(NSE) > EntryDate(Underlyingname)

In Set 3 Entry conditions add following:
Positions Details (Entry,B,All,quantity,undetlyingname) = (number equal to total buy quantities in set 1 + total buy quantities in set 2)
Today(NSE) > EntryDate(Underlyingname)

Since EntryDate keyword returns latest date when last entry was taken, diffrent sets will not take entry on same day, and since we are restricting entry with cumulative buy quantities of sets, the set which has exited will not take entry again on next day.
For last set put exit conditions in universal exit, and reactivate after 12 h.
This is also assuming that you are taking intraday exits.
If not and you may carry forward then add a AND condtion"Net Quantity(underlying name) = 0" in each set.