Rentry after few minutes of wait after set exit

I have a strategy fpr scalping with
Set 1 for Call
Set 2 for Put
Bothave 1 repair once each.

Now I want to reenter into set if it is exited only after few minutes *(say 25 minutes) .

Exit happen for the set 11.00 and then reentry should be only after 25 mins after exit how to achieve that please help.

You can try as below
Use runtime variable during set exit to capture time.
Use this runtime+25 min in entry condition
Also reset this runtime to null during entry position. So that next time it takes right value while set exit
Note: Addition of Time is bit complex as anything number more than 59 equals 1 hour. You should check time addition codes in tradetron videos

But when i use runtime+25 in entry condition it will affect my initial entry itself na ??

As for first initial entry there is no exit time available.

Many ways to handle. Try this - use 2 OR conditions at entry - your existing entry condition + below one’s

  1. Net Quantity (reapir once) = 0 ( for initial)
  2. Net Quantity (reapir once) ! = 0 (for subsequent)
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I think traded instrument (exit ) should be taken instead net quantity ( repair once) to be taken as i have to check after exit ? Pl

ease correct if i m wrong