Renko based statergy

I have created renko chart based statergy to buy nifty call if current candle close is higher than close ofprevious candle and exit if current candle close is lower than previous candle close.
Time frame 1 minute and brick size 20

But while testing in paper trading, I found, some times entry and exit happens before formation of confirmed candles
Eg ce bought @ 220 and it is to be sold out if price falls below 180 only on confirmed candle.
thoug it falls much below 180 and recovers before forming confirmed candle (I.e. repainting), it should not be sold out.
But, it often sold out once it falls below 180 , I. e. on the basis of current temporary candle. Soon price recovers and red candle disappears and green cadle forms
How to write in condition builder to solve this