Renko based , atm call bought but how to exit

I have m built condition to buy banknifty option, atm option.
But how to build condition to exit
Eg; ATM ce will be bougt when current candle of atm ce close is higher than close of previous candle in one minute, 10 sized brick.

How to build condition to exit the ce already bought as above
If I write condition “atm ce”, it will check atm ce for the banknifty current price which may not be same as already bought ce

In position Builder of Exit choose Fx in Strike and Fx as Traded Instrument .This will exit the Instrument already entered already.

Actually my question is
The condition checking should be done with regard to the call strike we have bought

Suppose if we bought nifty atm ce on three green candle of the ce- this I can write
Suppose if 15600 ce was bought

How to write exit code if the bought strike ce to be sold out under the condition that close is lesser than open of entered strike ( here we can not give atm ce because by this time atm ce would be different)