Professional Strategy to share

I am a professional trader in Derivatives and Options. I and my trading colleagues have had our own share of success using my methods which focus on reducing risk and maintaining stable profits.(I am not into blind greed)
I want to convert my manual work into automation. I am thankful to Tradetron for developing this platform. I am sure my strategy will help many who wish to earn and learn.
I need a partner and a friend who can use his tradetron technical expertise and convert it to automation. My strategy principles and rules are ready in text format.
If you are a capable thinker and can convert my ideas to code then it would be a bliss.
Kindly let me know your interest to build this thoughtful system then reply and we will discuss. I will respond soon to your message as I keep checking this forum frequently,


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Yes required strategy may be automated. Without any charges. Email me [email protected] for further informtion,

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Thank you. Kindly check your mail.


Hi! Can you please help me in coding a simple strategy?
I am a novice on Tradetron and struggling with it .

Even i can help you for creating blocks in tradetron send me details to [email protected]

@Strategy_King, I too automated some of my strategies in TT on my own. I like these algo trading as it removed completely emotional greed & fear to factors to some extent. Also helps with quick execution. My email ID: [email protected]

Hi Thank you for your reply. I have already replied on your email you shared.

Hi Plava12,

Thank you for your reply. I have already replied on your email you shared.

Yes. I can do that. Let me know if i have to send email or you already did all algos…