PNL condition query on tradetron

I paper traded in one of my strategies which had PNL less than -1000 and also had multiple entries. But because one SL had already hit, the re entries were exited as soon as I got entry.
How can I avoid the situation? Or I want to keep my SL of 1000 rs after every entry.

Did you code it in Universal exit? That may be the reason. Try Set level exit conditions.

This was set at set level exit.
But after one entry and exit, I had incurred the loss so when next condition met, the exit condition also met.

I started getting entry and exit mails.

I am not sure whether PNL is to be used in SET. Check whether following type of check in set helps

Do post back your experience.

This condition will only get executed it last traded price is 1500 points below the entry price.

For example if I have entered at 1600 rs and LTP goes below 100 then it will exit the order.

What’s the SL you are looking for? If it’s 1000 then replace 1500 with 1000. Won’t that work?

Once you know entry price, what’s the delta after which strategy should exit? Accordingly the number can be placed. am I missing anything? Can you please give sample entry and exit values it should adhere to?