Pair trading strategy

I want to trade based on Bank nifty spot price and according to that I want to check condition of ITM pair option which are below certain value.
For eg, if BNF spot price is 32567 then it should round it off to near price, that is 32600 and now fetch ltp of 32500 CE and 32700 PE and do the sum of both the ltp and check if it less than 1000 or not.
Please help.

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In Entry condition builder use LTP (Instrument Name NFO Nifty Bank Current W/M, CE ATM and put ATM step +1). + LTP( Instrument name, NFO Nifty Bank, Current Week/Month, PE, ATM, -1 in ATM step) < Number(1000)

ATM step is used picking ITM.

In position u can add ur futures.

The ATM keyword considers future value and not the SPOT value. I have seem other discussion threads but nowhere there is any way mentioned for getting strike based on SPOT price

True. Spot value is still a question to fetch. Lets see if tradetron support shed some light on it.