Orders based on condition

Hi Team,

How do I choose a specific strike price while taking a position based on a condition, but currently only ATM strike price is allowed. ex: i like to choose a strike price in options based on the price shown by super trend.

In exit condition i need to check the price of this triggered strike price and then exit.

Please suggest.


Hi Chandra,
In Strike use Fx and then “Find Strike” . In Find Strike in feild you can use greeks or “ltp” and then in value you can use “position” and any technical indicator like super trend etc.

In exit: you can use “Traded Instrument” and in feild you can select strike and appropriate set/condition/leg and then apply conditon like ><= and keyword.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. This helps. But i need to test it. Do you have a good documentation on this? I tried to search but did not find one. If you have please share the link.