Nifty 50 index & Relience first 5 min candle is green then buy entry activated

First condition is, first five minute candle of nifty 50 index is bullish (Green)
and second condition is , first five minute candle of Reliance is bullish (Green)
Then entry at LTP.

Please suggest

Entry condition:
Time == 9:20
last 5 min candle close > open for index
last 5 min candle close > open for relaince

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For Index means what select there are only option for selection of NSE/NFO/NASDAQ, etc.
In NSE Nifty 50 option not showing

Please suggest where is select index nifty 50

Looks like you are very new to Tradetron platform. You need to go through tutorials in Tradetron YouTube channel before starting building strategies.

yes i am new on tradetron and already search for that in you tube but NSE index option is not found.
NSE_IDX is index, AM I Right see below screenshot. It is correct or wrong

For Nifty Spot use only NFO and Nifty 50

For Nifty Future use NFO, Nifty 50 and Current Month

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