Latency Issues while execution

My algo has an entry time of 9:20 but there is always a 15-20 seconds delay in execution then another 15-20 seconds to place SL order. Can the algo be executed at 9:20 exactly? Do we have a key phrase to enter seconds here .Latency is also missing my the SL order ( SL price is crossed before even SLM is placed on days like Thursdays)

When backtested

In actual I booked a loss of -44k when I should have booked a profit of 27k

@Ujjwal please help here

Hi, can I know the condition check frequency here ??


The entry time is at 9:20, but the order gets executed atleast 10 seconds later. then SLM gets placed another 10+seconds later

Can we enter exactly at 9:20:00 instead of varying times between 9:20:15 or 9:20:20 etc.

This is the 5time time I am booking loss as against results in backtest

and this the earliest the algo has entered. Usually there is 10-15seconds delay at entry. Instead of 9:20:00 it enters at 9:20:15 on a average