Inside bar strategy creation

Can you help me to create simple strategy

Time frame - 1 minute

Entry condition - find inside bar candle on one minute time frame, if any one minute candle is closing above mother candle take ce entry post breaking high of closed candle, same for pe as well

Exit - mother candle low is stoploss and Target is 1.2 on spot and trail to cost to cost when hits 1:1

Instrument - bank nifty

for entry, once we get a Close above latest mother candle High, we need to store the high of the closed candle and then wait for breakout of that for entry

Nearest itm should be considered and keep 5 points buffer for sl and entry on spot

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Try this please:

I think I know which this one you are trying out :slight_smile: That’s cool.

The -1 wala is Inside Candle (Harami patten) and -2 is the mother candle. So once the LTP is above the High of mother candle you can execute a Position with ATM (on Future of BN).

Now the ta.barsince() functionality you are looking for (like storing the high of mother candle) and take trade after the breakout in any future candle - I don’t think if it’s feasible in TT. If you want to store the high of mother candle, I think you have to use Runtime functionality. But Runtime functionality only works after a (false) trade. Without Position, I don’t think it will work.