How vwap series and vwap are different from each other?

I want to use vwap indicator but in tradetron there are two vwap.
One is vwap series and another one is vwap. Which one to use?

My understanding based on Tradetron definition is: VWAP will basically give you the live value of VWAP something like LTP for price. If you wanted to compare against, e.g., the VWAP on previous candle you would use VWAP with the position keyword.

Disclaimer: I have not used VWAP in any of my strategies so far, the above understanding is purely theoretical.

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Thanks, I guess I need more time with keywords.

Use this link if you haven’t already.

Can somebody clarify what is the difference between vwap and vwap series in TT. Can they be used interchangeably ? The difference is not clearly explained in keyword doc. There are different sources for VWAP like hl2, hlc3 (high, low, close). Which one does TT use ?