How to use price of Nifty option at particular time for using as SL in Algo

I want to use 9:45 candle low and high of particular Call option of Nifty for entering and exiting a trade. I am not able to find way for referring this in condition to check entry and exit in my strategy. Can anyone help please.

Select the call option using LTP keyword or position and close keywords and proceed

Hi, magnum, Can you please explain. What I want is as below:
I want to see at 9:45 what is the High and low of a CE option which is nearly 100pt (2 strike) away from Nifty. Say nifty at 9:45 is at 18400. So, I want to record High (call it A)and Low (call it B) of 15min candle for 18500CE (9:45). I want to sell this 18500CE whenever its price is < (B-0.5) and then wait. The SL is (A+0.5) i.e. whenever this 18500CE LTP is above (A+0.5), I want to exit trade and again wait for re-entry at (B-0.5). So, I want a way to refer these two values throughout the intraday trade. Can you help how to do that.