How to use PNL keyword?

Hi, I want to stop my algo after a certain amount of profile or Loss. Can PNL keyword be used? what are the limitation

PNL keyword is the one you need to use to book defined profit or loss. Pls note that PNL is a strategy level keyword and will report the total PNL of all sets. This is best used in Universal Exit

Pls refer to the image below for examples

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In may strategy i am using following code; still I get early exit at just few hundreds of negative PNL. This is true for many strategies as well which are having PNL based universal exit.

( PNL ( ‘strategy_id’, ‘run_counter’ ) >= Number ( ‘20000’ ) ) or ( PNL ( ‘strategy_id’, ‘run_counter’ ) <= Number ( ‘-7500’ ) )

How is it possible?