How to use Cross. Pl help


Please see attached screenshot. I think I am doing wrong with the “cross” function. I am looking for a cross of 5/20 ema (5ema crosses below the 20 ema) on 15min time scale, but here it is not generating the signal.

What is the output of this function ? (i thought it would be ema2-ema1= negative number).

Please help on this.


Just remove < Number 0…it will work…

Position - cross of a ema will not give any output that can be compared with number…

it is just a position where cross occurs…


Added “CROSS” condition as shown below to test the strategy. But it is not getting executed. Can you please help to identify what is wrong here?

( Position ( Cross ( CLOSE ( Symbol ( Futures ( ‘NIFTY 50’ ) , ‘30m’, ‘All’ ) ) , SUPERTREND ( Symbol ( Futures ( ‘NIFTY 50’ ) , ‘30m’, ‘All’ ) , ‘7’, ‘3’ ) ) , ‘0’ ) )