How to trigger Universal exit once Exit Has triggered for either of the set

I want to trigger Universal exit of my strategy as soon exit of any set is triggered. It is 2 set strategy

I’m also looking for same thing. By any chance, did you find solution to this?

I am also looking for it

Someone suggested to try net quantity == 0 but its not working.
I’ve two sets one for CE & one for PE
If one gets exited, other buy condition triggers immediately. So, there will never be 0 net quantity.
I ended up with pnl > XxX or pnl < XxX (which I don’t want to)
Here, if one set exit with 2500 (for e.g.) and I’ve set pnl > 5000 it’ll continue to run and ultimately result in loss. :roll_eyes: :confused:

Can use runtime variables on induce universal exit