How to take trade in open price of the candle when all my conditions are satisfied

how to take an entry at open price of the candle when all the conditions are satisfied ,any keyword sugession

Open price of current candle can be get using Position keyword with position value 0

this keyword can help to trigger a trade at the open price of the candle.?

Not clear. You want your buy/ sell price to be equal to open price?

yes i need to take trade buy/sell according to open price of the candle what is the keyword i have to use

entryprice (keyword) == position ( OPEN (symbol(instrument name) 15M,all )),0
this is correct for taking entry at open price of the candle

this keyword is correct for taking trade at candle open price

By default trade will be executed at opening of the candle. No need to put any additional condition. In your code you are using 15 MIn candle for entry condition. So your condition will be checked at the close of last candle and if condition satisfied tarde will be taken at the opening of the current candle. But traded price can not guarantee open price. Because there will be some delay for actual trade in seconds. If you want to buy or sell at open price you have to put limit order with limit price equal to open price

Hi harish have you got solution?..or contact me for it…nine8 one0 two3 zero2 eight3