How to select strike at condition level?


I am trying to make a simple 5/20 ema crossover strategy on monthly call wherein i want to select a strike whose ltp is @100. How do you do this at condition builder level?

Presently i am using nifty futures for signal generation of 5/20 crossover and picking strike from formula builder level. Since this will be an OTM option, even if the futures is correct, my TSL will get hit.

If anyone can suggest a solution, great.

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You can probably add a condition that checks the price of options, e.g. LTP ( NFO,NIFTY 50,Current Week,CE,ATM,+1 ) < 105 & > 95.

I personally find it useful to stick to particular strikes on particular days, e.g. ±5 on Friday & Monday, ±3 on Tuesday & Wednesday and ±1 on Thursday if you are trading weekly expiry. Now instead of looking for a crossover on future or underlying look for a crossover in the pre-defined option to avoid situations where things work for future but not for OTM options. I also like to add a momentum/direction indicator on top of these conditions to avoid low probability trades.

Thanks for the reply. Presently I am doing that manually, however I wish to use the “find strike” function under “position” function so that it can be automated (presently “find strike” can be used only in the position builder, not the condition builder). The idea of a robot is to smartly pick up as per defined parameters.

I think Tradetron should look into it and provide the mentioned function.

Not sure if I am interpreting this wrong but Find strike is there in condition builder.

Is there a way to use Get Strike keyword and identify OTM Strikes that has the LTP equal to a desired value?

Use Find Strike --> Add Underlying, expiry, In Field select LTP and in value select number, PE/CE and results can be any. Then add desired value to number.