How to reenter the short straddle SL HIT leg on 1 Min candle close if price comes below entry price

If I enter a Short straddle with SL 30% and if one leg hits SL and if the price comes to the entry price of that leg again, we should reenter again if one minute candle closes below the entry price of that leg.

I have already coded all the conditions in tradetron and only this one condition is pending from my end. Can someone please help me with it?

You can use “Position” keyword to get 1 min candle close price.
In that in Symbol chose Traded Instrument Name, 1m, All and Then point the Traded Instrument Name to the leg that has exited.

Compare it with (<=) “Traded Instrument” keyword, in that point to same instrument again, keeping the field parameter as price.

POSITION(CLOSE(Symbol(Traded Instrument Name(…),1m, All, )) -1 <= Traded Instrument (Entry, Price, x, x, x)