How to create a short straddle?

I want to create a short straddle with the following parameters:

Short 1 lot ATM+100 Banknifty CE

Short 1 lot ATM-100 Banknifty PE

Fixed SL 5000 both leg including… Intraday

Entry 9:30am and exit 3:55pm

I have tried many options but am not able to configure… can you please guide me? at least an outline, please.


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Please check attached images for entry condition,universal exit condition.

For strike selection in position builder, select Fx in strike, click on Fx button on right. use ATM keyword from dropdown and fill parameter as per attached image.

Hope this will help you create your straddle strategy

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sir how to create a Intraday banknifty short gut strikes for 1 lot i.e ATM + 100 PE and ATM-100 CE at particular time like for example 9.45 am with predefined stop loss of 100 pts…and exit at 3.15pm if stop loss doesn’t hit

can some one help pls