How to combine P&L of all counters of the day?

How to combine P&L of all counters of the day?
I am trying to run a simple straddle where strategy reenteres if my SL or Target is hit.
suppose I took an entry at 10:00 and my target is reached at 10:30 after this the strategy reentered at 10:32 with next counter whose traget is reached at 12:00.

if I met intraday target or SL after say 4 counters how to combine PnL of both the counters so that it doesn’t take new entries even if other conditions are satisfied? Is it possible to have something like today PnL or todays Counters keywords? @Nelson @admins


@Nelson - any input?

Hi Sir,

We cannot combine PNL of separate counters for the day.


can i achieve this any other way via any variable assignments at the end of the counters?

Is there particular reason to take Universal Exit after each entry target or SL achieved?
If not don’t let counter change within the day. You can monitor each entered straddle target or SL by using "Traded Instrument(Entry, pnl, underlying 1, 1, 1) + Traded Instrument(Entry, pnl, underlying 1, 1, 2)
in set exit. Don’t use PNL keyword in set exits.
Use it in Universal Exit for your days Target or days SL to take final exit of the day.

Use set level exit instead of universal exit for each trade in a day. So that you can use PnL keyword in universal exit to track current days PnL and decide to exit or not for the day