How to avoid entry in the current candle twice

I enter strategy based on values at candle (-1). Now if at candle (0) if I hit stop loss, I exit the condition.

But what happens is that because of every one minute condition check. I enter the strategy again because the condition at candle(-1) is still true and the current candle is not finished (This sort of is creating a loop of entry & exit in the candle at 0 ).

How can I avoid this, I still want a condition check at every minute most because to calculate Stop Loss?

You have to use position details keyword.

Hi where to add this position. Like I have one entry condition. If the Target Profit is reached and still the trend continues I want to make another entry after the exit of the current trade. But the condition which put will take trades on each candle. So how and where to add this above Position Keyword?

@ronakkhunt can you please let me know how you resolved multiple entry in the current candle

I use the Minute keyword in the entry condition to make sure it checks the condition only on the first minute of the new candle, screenshot is an example for a 5 min candles.


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If I try like this , will it work?

You need to enter 05. This will be true for 5 mins past every hour, like 10:05, 11:05 etc. It depends on what timeframe on the chart you are using. For example, for 15 min chart you need to check for 00, 15, 30 and 45.

Got it.
I’m using 5mins time frame, so I will try with 05 and let you know tomorrow.

Thankyou @raghu7089 for suggestions.

Could you please let me know, how you solved this problem?

yes … please reply how to achieve a single entry in a any candle timeframe …

to add-on … if the entry is taken let us say 10 seconds earlier than the exit of the candle, how to make a force exit once second earlier ???

Sir did you slove the problem for single entry in particular candle

Can try this below condition which checks for any open position for the same instrument before entering. If it is 0 (which means no open position) then only we will enter in a new position.

Try this… for 15 mins… it can be changed for any candle interval


I have same problem, no one seems to be able to GUIDE, no youtube video or helpdesk is able to suggest and guide. Stuck badly