How does tsl (trailing stop loss) works?

Any possible guidance on this ?

There are 3 settings you can use to setup the Trailing Stop loss feature on your strategy.

Activate at allows you to set the absolute amount of money the strategy should be in profit for the TSL to get activated. At this level the TSL will set to 0 which means if the profit falls back to 0, the strategy will exit and you will not end up making no profit no loss.

As the profit increases and goes in favour of your strategy, you want to trail the stop loss so that you dont give away all the notional profit the strategy had made. For which you use the other 2 settings … You can set it up to increase the TSL by xxx amount when the profit increases by yyy … So lets say you activate the TSL at 3000 profit and then choose to increase it by 1000 with every 1000 increase in profit. So when the profit touches 4000, the TSL will be at 1000 and at 5000 profit it will be at 2000 ; now if the profit drops to 2000, the strategy will exit for all positions.

TSL can only be setup at strategy level and not at a set level. If you wish to set it up at a set level, you have to use your own keywords and conditions to make that happen.


Could you please share an example how-to set trailing stop loss for different sets?

TSL works for Strategy only… and not for individual sets… although it will be really nice to have it for each set…

@Chuser see if you can use exit conditions for your set as a universal exit condition and then you will be able to use Trailing Stop Loss…

how does apply each stock trailing stop loss

TSL in tradetron works on the strategy level.

How does strategy multiplier affect trailing stop loss? Is every value in trailing stop loss setting getting scaled by multiplier?

yes, TSL gets adjusted as per the multiplier

I was thinking of implementing a Set level trailing stop loss. For this purpose, I need to find the peak of PnL until that moment. Is there any keyword which can do that?

Or is there a template code to implement set level trailing stop loss?


@subsacnt were you able to find how to do it?

hi, currently set level tsl is not possible. can be achieved by custom coding service

Is there any sample Python code available for this?

what is ‘stoploss trigger’ in order condition builder window ?
i want to set Bracket order for my strategy with Trailing stoploss, What should i do ?

Hi, Kindly let me know if we can apply each leg-wise or set-wise Trailing Stop loss now, or any suggestion to do so in Tradetron

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