How do i code this 3 bar play(Reference Image Attached)

Symbol : Will manually add the symbols of 1 or max 2 stocks every morning
Criteria 1 : First 5 min candle opens below Vwap(5 Min) & Closes above the Vwap(5 Min)
Criteria 2 : Second 5 min candle open and close(candle Body) is less than high of First 5 min candle and the 5 Min Vwap
Criteria 3 : Calculate Qty “2000/ First 5 min candle high - 2nd 5 min candle Low”
Criteria 4: Entry on the Third bar when price crosses a few ticks above the first candle high
Criteria 5 : Exit at Market price if ‘Third 5 Min entry candle’ closes below the First 5 Min candle high
Criteria 6 : Exit at Market Price if Third 5 min entry candle volume is less than Second 5 min candle Volume
Criteria 7 : Stoploss will be the Entry Candle Low

P.S will manage the trade for the rest of the day Manually
Example :


@superkid - Were you able to code this? Let me know if you are stuck on any of the points. I may be able to help out