How create Vwap ema crossover need help

How create Vwap ema crossover need help

Hi @Shekchand can you put the question a bit more briefly?

I want to define strategy where EMA cross above VWAP for Bullish and EMA cross below VWAP Bearish

This is simple logic for BUY side, same thing can be done for sell side too. hope this helps.

@mano00 I have this problem can you help me.

  1. I am building a strategy like this.
  2. In the entry condition, we get the stock symbol from Trading View API alerts which doesn’t exist in any of the predefined lists provided by Tradetron.
  3. For example, I get the stock symbol as " ACCELYA " from Trading View, how to take equity cash position for the Symbol without creating the custom list as I do not know the stock names in advance, so I am not in a position to create a custom list. I will come to know them dynamically.
  4. It exists in the NSE exchange underlying list of stocks defined in the Tradeton but not in any of the lists available under Tradetron.

@iamMahanth This is not possible for us to do, but if you take tradetron assistant support they build custom codes which can be integrated with tradetron. Hope this helps!

Thanks @mano00 . Sure I will take the help of Tradetron assistant. Definitely can they implement this requirement?

what custom codes means?

Thanks so much for prompt reqply.

customised just for you types, talk to their chat support they will guide you.