Find strike price based on ltp

I want to sell intraday strangle of Rs. 100 daily at 9.20 am. How should I apply the settings to trade tron to fulfill my requirements. Could somebody help me.

“Finding” a strike to trade based on the LTP - from what I understand, I don’t think the coding system has that capability as of now (though I haven’t tried). Also, one thing I haven’t explored is the “Lists” option - try if that has some use for your purpose. Thanks

Please try with below. you will get strike based on ltp price.

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use this link, u may get answer

Please check below link:

Hi… Find Strike Function ended up returning wrong strike price for PUT… Attached below CONDITION and Position … ANy Clue what is wrong?

Expected PUT with LTP around 40 and it returned put with 806 Value

Thanks man. You saved my day.