Entry on 5 min, Exit is 3 min condition. How to avoid re-entry

How do you handle this case.
Entry condition is based on 5 min candle.
Exit condition is based on 3 min candle.

As soon as exit happens, it is re entering into position since condition holds good for 5 min entry.
How to avoid re-entry and make it wait for elapsing of 5 mins after exit ?

Good question…i’m still trying to find a simple solution…

  1. you have to initialise two variables which stores open of the candle for 5 mins timeframe, entry_open and exit_open in the Initialise variables. assume you entered a trade, entry_open = (# entry candle 5 mins), if it exits on the same candle cz your SL is based on 3 mins, store the exit candle open on 5 mins basis, exit_open = (same as entry_open)
    So, in condition builder for entry add this condition, entry_open != exit_open

Hope this helps @ArvindTM