Entry check based on overall PNL

Hello Everyone,
I have a question where i am looking to set a daily PNL target and SL target, if anyone of them is achieved then i dont want to take any more trades for that day.Any idea how to achieve it?


Use PNL in Universal Exit if it is just one strategy

No it is basically 2 strategies which gets activated based on webhooks from my trading view.wanted to check the profit or loss of both the strategies.

I don’t think we have any solution in tradetron for calculating together multiple strategies pnl.

Maybe as 2 sets inside one strategy and using universal exit to check the max pnl or loss?

Yes. That should work

Somehow set exit is getting overshadowed with universal exit…as in my exit i am checking pnl >1500 and in my universal exit i am checking Max pnl>2500…my startegy ignores set exit and it always look for universal exit value

You are saying Set exit not happening. Only Universal Exit happening. Correct?
Any other condition along with pnl at set exit?

That is correct… nothing else apart from pnl at set exit.

Any other way to set a target in set exit?

You can try calculate profit points using LTP - Entry Price. Exit if it is more than your target

U mean inside the set exit?

Yes. Inside Set exit condition builder. But if you have multiple entries in the same set then this way won’t work. It woks single entry

I have basically 2 sets…one for call and one for put…both gets entered on different signals

Then it’s fine. You can use that logic to calculate set level profit points.

Okay and then in universal exit check the pnl of whole set runs to take the complete exit right?

Yes. That’s correct…

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it doesnt work.Somehow it is still looking for the universal exit only to exit from the trade.

5492954494 03 Mar 12:41:10 PM Tranching - #1, taking position OPTIDX_NIFTY_09MAR2023_PE_17650, Qty -350.0
5492954497 03 Mar 12:41:10 PM Universal Exit satisfied, taking position OPTIDX_NIFTY_09MAR2023_PE_17650, Qty -350.0
5492953741 03 Mar 12:41:10 PM Status changed from Live-Tranching To Exited
5492953804 03 Mar 12:41:10 PM PNL ( ‘7140013’, ‘1’ ) : 2344.9978637695385

Number ( ‘2300’ ) : 2300.0
PNL ( ‘7140013’, ‘1’ ) : 2344.9978637695385
Number ( ‘-5500’ ) : -5500.0
Time ( ‘NSE’ ) : 1241.0
Number ( ‘1514’ ) : 1514.0|

Show me set exit conditions