EMA cross with LTP crossing High/Low


I’m trying to build an intraday strategy for EMA crossover but along with checking if the LTP is higher than the High or Low of signal/alert candle (candle of EMA crossover). I’m able to achieve this using the “Value When” keyword but the problem is that it is not working effectively for intraday. For example when market opens, it gets into trade based on the crossover of previous day.

I want to get into trade only when the crossover happens in the current day. How can I achieve this?

Thank you very much for your help in advance.

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You might be not using the correct candles i.e using day candles instead of other timeframe candles.

I have checked and using the right timeframe. Refer screenshot for the entry condition maintained - while this is taking trades when the LTP cross the HIGH of the alert candle (which is crossover candle). But when the market opens at 9:16am it immediately enters into trade based on the previous day crossover condition being true as that was the last crossover.

I want a criteria that only checks current day crossover for intraday

I don’t think these conditions can be checked for intraday.

Someone is able to achieve this in a paid TT strategy so I know it can be done. Just that I am not able to find the right keywords to use to achieve it and hence looking for some help here.

Okay. If you find a solution please share here.

Also looking for the same solution.

May be below solution you can try for intraday using keyword “Value When”

You have to wait 21 candle ( 5 min) to be completed before starting strategy. I. e. Start time 11:00 AM

In the strategy code for EMA - choose Max History Candle as ‘21’ instead of ‘All’

I think the above 2 conditions helps only to check current day cross over

starting at 11am is not workable, as most entry happens early on morning

I guess This is Soam Jena’s strategy I’m trying to build the same but Backtesting reports are null or ij negative

can you share the code screenshot ?

Yes I have been trying to buid not sure if correct.

i have tried both, and both are imperfect, trying to solve this, if someone knows how to code it…
can help.

Hey Can you share your telegram or Wp I don’t how where to Dm i think if we both sit together and solve might help. Or atleast find someone who can

hey! I made this crossover one.

If you have then share it here for benefit of all. It is a QnA forum to help each other.

Are you able to fix the previous day cross over entry issue?

Could you suggest how you resolved this issue?