Dynamic High/Low for the day


I am not sure if I am missing something here but I want to use today’s high in my calculation.

e.g. In the above scenario, I want to compare LTP to 99% of Entry price but from what I understand High here will give a value when this candle completes, in this case, daily candle.

I can use this with Position[0] but essentially that would also throw a value only when the candle completes.

What I want is a high value that changes dynamically like the LTP.

1. Yes, you ca use position Zero with High and day as candle size to achieve this

This keyword will keep updating and stay there as in when a new high in the day candle is achieved .

2. Entry Price is not a suitable keyword here to use. Please use Traded Instrument.

3. 99% would be 0.99 not 0.01

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Thank you @Akshay that is very helpful