Delay Reentry in Tradetron strategy

I want to create a strangle strategy in which reentry upon hitting of SL in any leg can be delayed by 5 minutes. I have been trying many combinations but nothing working.
Kindly help

How about this option-- exit strategy upon SL hit and set “reactivate on exit” time to 5 min in advance setting

use LastRepairedTime Keyword.This keyword will return the time of repair of the selected underlying

Thanks Sir. ill try this combination. However, it has to be done on both the legs independently. If CE SL gets triggered then Ill have to exit PE as well in this format i suppose.
Thanks for your support

Sir please see my attempts

  1. Repair Once Conditions (s1 r2)

I think the issue is with S1R2. Please suggest something

It is not picking up s1r2 conditions

Thanks in advance