Dangling partially executed Orders


This happened to me today. I was trading on a strategy which needed a couple of orders/trades to be executed, let’s say T1 & T2. When these orders are sent to the broker, if T1 gets executed & T2 does not, for whatever reason - say margins not sufficient, or some other non-retryable error which requires the end-user(me) to intervene, and if the strategy gives an indication that T1 & T2 are to be done together, should T1’s position not be exited immediately? And the user given the option to fix the error, post which the strategy can be made Active. Also what I noticed was that since one of the trades get executed & the other doesn’t, and the strategy goes to “Error-Execution” state, I have the option to enter again, but now it is marked as "Active, and I don’t have the option to “Exit” either. I had to manually exit positions on my broker for this use-case. For now, the only cause resulting in this use-case has been insufficient margins, so I will fix that.

Would like to know your thoughts on the above use-case from the point of view:

  • TradeTron actionable
  • Strategy creators being made aware and marking trades as to be executed together(kind of like all or none guarantees)
  • Strategy subscribers addressing this

If there is already something that is present in Tradetron related to what I am talking about that I am missing, my apologies, kindly redirect me to the right location where I can find these details.