Condition not taking any trades for EMA strategy?

Hi, Below is my strategy, and attached is the entry condition that I have defined. It’s not taking any trades. Kindly check. Thanks

Setup :

Apply EMA 50 to high price,

Apply EMA 15 to close price, and

Apply EMA 50 to low price.

Buying Conditions

● 15 EMA (black color) should cross above all the moving averages.

Hi Ujjwal,

All technical indicator keywords has to start with position keyword.

That’s why your strategy is not taking any trades.

Also from the looks of it, if this is the complete strategy it may not work a lot. Only in rare cases where both crossovers happen exactly at the same candle will this condition work.

From your description, the strategy should be something like:

At [-1] EMAC15 > EMAH50 AND EMAL50
At [-2] EMAC15 < EMAH50 OR EMAL50

EMAC15 is 15 period EMA on Close
EMAH50 is 50 period EMA on High
EMAC50 is 50 period EMA on Low


Hi , your strategy is all done ?
sorry for pulling up old post .

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