Capital - how to restrict


How do I restrict the entry when I am out of capital ?

I thought that the capital condition in the strategy would help and return an error message but it still keeps on firing and taking positions.

I also tried using “Capital Deployed” function in the condition builder for entry but i think i am not using it correctly so it is still not working.

Please suggest a solution to this.


PNL< NUMBER(-20000)
You add max loss can be achieved value in the number
Add this condition in Universal exit .

My question is something else.

Lets say I have 1Lac in my brokers account.

Now, I want the algo to stop firing signals when this limit is exhausted (or else the orders will get rejected at the broker’s end).

How do I do this ?

Yesterday I tried using “Margin” and put a limit of 1,05,000 (when the exposure was less than 102K) but looks like even this is not working. Dont know what would work.